• Electroplating

  • Powdercoating

  • Polishing


Chrome Plating

We specialise in the chrome plating of zinc diecastings. Specifications up to BS EN 12540:200 SC4 are carried out on our computer controlled, fully automatic, chrome plating plant. The advanced intelligent sequencing system allows several different process routes to be controlled simultaneously. Finishes include bright nickel, bright chrome, satin nickel and satin chrome.

Barrel Nickel Plating

This is carried out on steel, brass or zinc die castings on a computer controlled plant. There are two main finishes produced on this plant, nickel on steel or brass, and copper / nickel on die castings. Barrel brass can also be plated onto copper or bright nickel.

Other services include:

  • Electrophoretic Laquer and post dyes
  • Brass look a-like
  • Gold look a-like
  • Barrel Nickel Plating
  • Vibro de-burring
  • Barrel copper plating
  • Barrel brass plating
  • Barrel tin plating
  • De - Greasing
  • Rack tin plating - bright / dull

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